Having contributed richly to medical literature through four books in surgery and over 40 publications and presentations, Dr. Raman Tanwar provides honest and evidence based advice to his patients. Being a active reader and reviewer, he provides the most updated level of care to his patients.

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Here are some of his published Abstracts:

  1. Tanwar R, Khattar N, Nayyar R, Sood R. MP80-15 Can functional studies be obviated in management of ureteric calculus? A randomized study. The Journal of Urology 193 (4), e1025.
  2. Sood T, Manasa T, Sood R. Tanwar R. PD8-12 Changing Trends In Causation, Presentation And Management Of Psoas Abscess. The Journal of Urology 193 (4), e194.