Preventing Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infections can be a difficult disease and once affected urinary infections can become an everyday problem. If you have been previously affected by urinary infections or think that you are prone to these infections then there is a need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Perineal Hygiene is important and it works. Urinary tract Infections especially in women result from close proximity of the anal canal to the urethra. This way the organisms from the stools have an easy access to the urethra from where they can travel up and infect the bladder and the kidneys. This process is further facilitated if the cleaning of the perineum is done from the back to the front. It is thus of utmost importance to clean the perineum from the front to the back, that is from the urinary passage towards the passage for stools. Cleaning should be done in one direction only and with a clean cloth or a fresh toilet paper.
  2. Don’t hold urine for too long. Collected water tends to get more infected or contaminated compared to moving water. If the urine is held for too long then it encourages the propagation of infection. It is advisable to thus go an pass urine every 4 to 5 hours to maintain the normal daytime frequency of 4-5 times in a day. In the night one must go an pass urine prior to sleep and then void as the first thing after waking up. This will ensure that the urine does no stay for too long in the bladder to cause an infection.
  3. Drink 10-12 glasses of water. Water cleans the system and helps to remove the toxins from the kidneys. It is this advisable to drink plenty of fluids. Drinking excess of water however leads to the built up of salt deficiency and more than 12 to 14 glasses is not recommended. The fluids should be taken at regular intervals to keep the process running smoothly. It is important to not just focus on the total amount of water but also that a uniform intake is maintained throughout the day to prevent urinary infection.
  4. Build up your immune system with a good diet. Recurrent urinary infections are also a sign of poor capability of the bladder to fight infections. It is thus required that the innate mechanisms to fight invasion are strengthened by protective factors like vitamin A, E and free radical scavengers. Certain natural extracts found in fruits and vegetables can also help to fight infections.
  5. Pee after Sex. Passing urine after sexual activity can help cleanse the urinary passage of foreign bacteria and reduce the rates of urinary infection. This is helpful both for men and women and should be done preferably within 30 minutes of intercourse. Washing the intimate area may be helpful in women with allergies to latex or spermicidal creams.

In male patients with recurrent UTI, circumcision is also helpful. Many times a course of natural cranberry extracts can reduce urinary infections as can long term supressive antibiotics. In post menopausal women the application of estrogen ointment around the urinary passage can help resist infections. To know whether you are the right candidate for these options discuss your case in person with Dr. Raman Tanwar or send your case history online for an opinion.